Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Ya’ll!  Easter is right around the corner.  We’re just over 2 weeks away.  I love Easter, mainly for the food, but also because of Easter Baskets.  It’s like Springs own version of the Christmas stocking (which we all know is the best part of Christmas).  Have you put your little one’s basket together yet?  If not, I’ve got you covered.  Here’s what I’m giving Sadie (plus a few extra’s) & I got it all from Target.  Who doesn’t love a good excuse to go to Target?

Basket | Target has a great selection of baskets.  I picked this cutie for Sadie!

Easter Medium Chipwood Basket with Madras Pattern Liner - Spritz™ : Target

Moonlite Storybook Projector | This thing is AWESOME!  I didn’t want to spoil the excitement for Easter, so Sadie hasn’t seen this yet.  I did try it out myself & am pretty excited to see her reaction.  You download the app, clip it over your phone with the flashlight on & it projects on the wall or ceiling.  You can sharpen the focus to get a surprisingly clear image plus the app has the story for you to read with additional sounds you can tap to play.  Trust me, it’s cool!

Moonlite Gift Pack - Storybook Projector for Smartphones with 5 Stories - image 4 of 10

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Tips for Bringing Baby to a Wedding

Weddings before kids = A free (minus the gift) & romantic date for you and your +1.

Weddings after kids = A evening full of uncertainty….

Bringing your baby to a wedding can definitely be an intimidating thought.  I felt that way about bringing Sadie to 2 weddings in 2 months.  Also, to make it even more tricky, my husband was in the wedding party for both weddings…so a lot of the baby wrangling was done solo.  I’m sharing my must haves now that the weddings are in the past & were both a big success.

So, what have I learned?

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Sadie | 12 Month Update

We officially have a toddler on our hands!!! Although the first few months were hard & slow, this year has absolutely flown by!  Check out the (tear-worthy) video for a look back at the past year with our little girl.

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Sadie | 11 Month Update

I’m finally on time!  I feel like I was just writing Sadie’s 10 month update last week.  It probably feels that way because I was a little late on that one.  Anyway, Sadie Lady is 11 Months old.  We’re getting geared up for her first Christmas, & I can’t believe that we are only 1 month away from having a 1-year-old.  Sadie look more like a toddler, & less like a baby every day.  I love & hate it at the same time.

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Sadie | 10 Month Update

10 Months!  I can’t believe our baby girl is so grown up.  I’m definitely starting to miss those cuddly newborn days.  It seems like so long ago.  Sadie is still just as sweet as ever.  I could never have imagined how much I would love her little personality & watching it grow.

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My Thanksgiving Menu, Plus 5 Tips to Get it All Done!

You may not know this about me, but I LOVE magazines.  I was reading through the November issue of Real Simple last night & had a realization.  I think I like magazines so much because they remind me of lifestyle blogs.  Or maybe I like lifestyle blogs because they remind me of magazines…  Either way, my feelings are the same.  You have home decor inspiration, the latest fashion & beauty picks, along with recipes & the occasional parenting tip.  So, now I’m wondering…were magazines the predecessor to lifestyle blogs?

Anyway, now to my actual point.  I was reading all of my November magazine issues & came up with a ton of good recipes for Thanksgiving.  So, I thought I should share in case you’re NOT crazy like me & don’t get 8 magazines a month…

I’m so excited to be hosting Thanksgiving this year & have already started planning out my menu.  Below is what we’re having.  Some recipes are new & some are classic Thanksgiving must haves in our home (hello, sweet potato casserole!).  I’ve linked all of the recipes so just click on the name & it will send you to the full recipe.  I’m also sharing some of my favorite tips; what you can make ahead & how to maximize your oven space.


Sparkling Cranberry Punch

Sparkling Cranberry Apple Cider Punch | Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

How to Make the Ultimate Cheese Board and which wines to pair it with! This appetizer recipe is easy to make and definitely a show stopper! | #ad #UndeniablyDairy

Charcuterie Board | Joyful Healthy Eats

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Sadie’s Nursery Reveal

Sadie’s nursery is finally finished!!!! We officially have one completed room in our house!  Time to celebrate….by working on some of the other more forgotten rooms… Nurseries always get all the love & sweet Sadie’s is no exception.  What is it about babies rooms that makes it so fun to decorate?  I don’t know, but I sure had a fun time doing this one!

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Top 5 Ceiling Fan Picks for Our New House

Our new house is full of ugly fans (sorry Mom & Dad, but it’s totally true).  I’ve never given them much attention, but after having the popcorn ceilings scraped in our whole house, the (7!) fans were standing out more than ever.  Before we moved in I ordered a ceiling fan for Sadie’s new nursery and now that it’s up (& looking so much better) I am dying to switch out a few more.

I don’t know that there is such a thing as a “stylish ceiling fan”, but I’m going to do my very best & share a few that I would love in my own home.  Below are my top picks for the bedroom, nursery & living room plus two indoor/outdoor options as well.

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