Winter Essentials for Baby

Fall has finally arrived in the Carolina’s and the slight nip in the air (very slight, that is) has me preparing for winter.  Our little Sadie was born last winter, on January 11th, during the coldest week of the year in Indianapolis.  I learned a few things last winter about keeping a newborn warm, & am now gearing up for winter with an older baby (little Sadie is almost 9 months old!).  Below I’m sharing some of my favorites from last year, plus a few things I’m wanting to try out this winter!

  1. Zutano Fleece Booties | These look like the perfect solution to baby socks that are always slipping off. My sister has them & is a big fan!
  2. Cable Knit Beanie | You’ll want a few hats to keep baby nice and cozy.
  3. Little Unicorn Quilt | This quilt is perfect for covering baby in their car seat all winter long. Or just cuddling up on the sofa.  It comes in tons of beautiful prints too, both for boys & girls. Check out their swaddles, bibs, & bath towels as well!
  4. Bunting | These little bear buntings are adorable.  Check out this one for another option.
  5. Car Seat Cover | We got this last winter for Sadie & its the perfect thing for a newborn.  It slips right over the car seat & has a zipper so you can easily buckle in your teeny babe.  You can also unzip it indoors to give baby a little air flow.  I highly recommend it, especially for such a good price (some colors as low as $20!) One note: after putting this back over our car seat to snap this shot of Sadie I would only recommend this for babies under 6 months.  Older than that and the leg room will be a little tight.
  6. Solly Baby Wrap | Another one of my favorites for newborns.  Sadie loved being worn in my Solly for the first few months when she just wanted to cuddle up and sleep all day.  It allowed my to keep her happy and have my hands free to prep dinner, or do laundry (win, win).  Throw a coat over top and baby will stay nice and warm while you’re out & about.

Whats your favorite winter gear for baby?  Share in comments below!



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