Sadie | 9 Month Update

I’m mama to a 9 MONTH OLD…where has the time gone? Time sure flies when your having fun, & what could be more fun than spending everyday with such a joyful, sweet baby!!

We’ve had another big month at the Gill household.  We got to spend even more time with my sister, Laura, & her twin girls before they moved back to Colorado.  Below is Uncle Zach trying his very best to please all of the babies wanting to be held! Laura & the girls are definitely missed, but it was so fun to be stay-at-home mama’s together while she was in town.

We also got to spend some time with my oldest sister, Sarah, & her little boy, Ethan, while they were in town for a long weekend.  Ethan is such a chill baby so its super fun to get him & Sadie together.  They spent our weekend in the mountains crawling around & mauling Amos (aka. the most tolerant dog to ever live).

At the very end of the month, Sadie had her 9 month checkup with my childhood Pediatrician.  How neat is that! I can’t believe how much she’s changed & grown this month!

Weight | 20 lbs 7 oz (79th percentile)

Length | 28 in (68th percentile)

Development | Sadie’s crawling everywhere, & fast!  Plus, she’s pulling up to standing more & more every day.  I love how baby’s learn a new trick & then practice it over & over again.  She’s definitely on her way to walking, but crawling is fast enough for now.  It’s amazing how quickly she can get into trouble.  We installed these baby gates a few days ago to help keep her corralled.  She’s also been talking a lot lately.  Mama & baba are her favorites!

Sleep | Sleeping about 12 hours at night without waking!!!! Took ya long enough! Sadie started to cut out her early morning nursing session last month & has finally stuck with it.  She’s napping twice a day (about an hour & a half each) as well!

Teeth | Just 2.  She’s still working on her top two teeth.  They are painfully close to coming in but just aren’t ready yet. (Since I’m late on posting this, one of her top teeth finally came through this week!!!!)

Food | Baby Led Weaning has been going great for us & has helped Sadie to be such a good eater.  She’s eating 3 meals a day plus a snack (& nursing 4 times a day).  Still loving eggo waffles for breakfast; she eats two almost every morning.  Shes liking berries, beans, raisins, & ritz crackers…but her obsession with yogurt is coming to an end.  She also ate out with us for the first time this month in a big girl high chair & did AWESOME.  I’ll have a post coming on “Eating Out with a Baby” (specifically a BLW baby…because its usually pretty messy).  Also, chili…who would have thought a baby would like chili…but she sure does!


Another great month in the books & we can’t wait to see what the next one has in store for us!

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