Sadie | 11 Month Update

I’m finally on time!  I feel like I was just writing Sadie’s 10 month update last week.  It probably feels that way because I was a little late on that one.  Anyway, Sadie Lady is 11 Months old.  We’re getting geared up for her first Christmas, & I can’t believe that we are only 1 month away from having a 1-year-old.  Sadie look more like a toddler, & less like a baby every day.  I love & hate it at the same time.

This past month was a fun one.  Sadie experience her first Thanksgiving.  She wasn’t as into the food as I thought she would be, but did get to spend some quality time with Zach’s family.  So that was a big bonus.  Check out what we ate here.

Sadie also got to spend an entire week with her cousin, Ethan.  I watched him, along with Sadie, while my sister was in town for work.  It was so fun seeing them play, interact & share.  They even ended up sharing a cold at the end, which wasn’t quite as fun, hah! We’ve all finally recovered, just in time for Sadie’s 11 Month!

Bath time with Daddy is still a favorite.

We also attended the Apex Christmas Parade this month.  It was so fun bringing Sadie, after having gone so many years as a little girl.

We’ve got Christmas with both of our family’s coming up this month, & then Sadie’s FIRST BIRTHDAY on January 11th.

Weight | We’re guesstimating about 22 lbs.

Appearance | Her hair!  Its growing fast & getting a little out of control.  The back is thick & soft, but the top & sides are having a little trouble keeping up.  Bed head has become a bit of a problem.  Her lashes are long & her brows are really coming in too.  Lets just hope the full eyebrow trend hangs around for a while!

Development | Sadie has been working on standing on her own lately.  She cruises around the furniture often, but crawling is so much faster!  She sprints for the stairs the minute she notices the gate is open…& can make it to the top without falling (with one of us spotting her, of course!).  I’m hoping that spending Christmas with her cousins will encourage her to take a few steps.  We’ll see!

Sleep | This photo about sums it up!

Teeth | Teething is still at bay.  Fingers crossed we have a little more time before the drooling returns!

Food | Sadie has lots of favorite foods.  Raisins, ice cream, yogurt, grilled cheese, mango, WAFFLES, Ritz crackers, & her most recent love…fruit snacks!  She learned how to drink out of a straw a few month ago, but has mastered to-go cups…as long as there’s Chick-fil-a lemonade inside.  We introduces cow’s milk last month (since Sadie only nurses once a day) & she’s not too keen on it.  We dried adding a little chocolate milk, & of course she loves that!  Overall, she’s a great eater, & mainly enjoys whatever Mom & Dad are having.  Baby Led Weaning for the win!

Trying to wrap my head around the fact that next time you’ll be reading one of these, I’ll have a 1 YEAR OLD!  Look at how tiny she used to be below.

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